Online Day Trading Course


How does trading work?

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This is a three-part course. Each portion of the course will take approximately 2 hours to complete. The course will be offered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during a designated week of each month. Additional designated times may be offered at a later time, depending on capacity. Currently, the course is only offered once a month.

In this course we give you some key insights into the mechanisms of the trading world. We start with who’s who: the people who make things happen and how you’re connected with them. Then we take a look at market prices, showing you how they work, before finally explaining why even falling prices can create exciting trading opportunities.


Content intended for educational/informational purposes only. Not investment advice, or a recommendation of any security, strategy, or account type. No one affiliated with this educational course is a financial advisor and no profits can be guaranteed. Success as an individual investor will be based on the time spent mastering and practicing the concepts taught in this course.